IF! Italians Festival presents its sixth edition at Cannes Google Beach

At the 66th edition of the Cannes Lions, ADCI (Italian Art Directors Club) and UNA (United Communication Companies) in partnership with Google, officially unveiled the 6th IF! Italians Festival. The event will take place on 7th – 9th November at Base Milano.

Much attention was given over to “Stay Uncomfortable”, an unconventional topic but highly relevant today. In a fragmented world, with an ever more complex landscape and consumers who are more evolved, and with needs which are continual and changing, communication has never been harder but it has never been this exciting. Failing is easy, winning is about taking the hard road, making bold choices and venturing into the unknown. It is precisely this that is the uncomfortable challenge of creativity today.

Three areas have already been pinpointed to expand the central theme of the Festival and will be developed over the three days. Firstly, brave choices will look at case histories and analyse those uncomfortable situations that take us out of our comfort zonesChange of perspective will then examine how the need to communicate and encourage business growth goes hand-in-hand with learning and defining new paradigms, unearthing novel approaches and designing new functions that take into account a market and a world in flux and turmoil. Thirdly, (dis)intermediation, a key word in this post-digital revolution era, will look at how media and intermediaries still exist – note the parenthesis – and how they multiply and reinvent themselves.

 And finally, the presentation of IF! runs parallel with ticketing, which for the first month is offering a Super Early Bird: excluding masters and workshops, with the pass it will be possible to attend all the talks and round tables that will be held on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th November at the special price of 50 € + dp. The promotion will be active until Wednesday 17 July.